Sunday, March 7

College Boy GF Bean Burritos

Muy Bueno Speedy, El Cheapo Bean Burritos

The teenager made supper last night and I'm beginning to have the confidence that he won't starve at college. He made bean burritos that he is convinced will be faster and cheaper than buying them a buck a piece and eating out of the freezer department. AND they are GF!

1 can refried beans
cheddar cheese sliced
meat/chicken/burger if you got it
corn tortillas

Heat the tortillas on both sides on the skillet, first spraying them with Pam. Spread while hot with beans from the can, a layer of cheese and fold. Serve with salsa. HA! Beans and Corn = FULL PROTEIN

He's gonna eat just fine.

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Neko said...

looks yummy to me.