Thursday, March 18

GF Butterfinger Brownie Torte

The vacation is great! I'm sitting on my rear, gazing out at at the soggy snow and catching up on the fantasy reading. Three of four muffin attempts have worked, so all in all, the week has been a win!

Travel went fine, I did get flagged and searched by TSA, but it's beginning to become a ho-hum, been there done that experience. They frown on photographs, so I didn't take any here for the blog.

They swab each packet and then I have to repack them so they don't get punctured. But, I was ready to make gobsmacked's oreos, pancakes, millet bread, magnificent muffins and devils food cake when I got here.

I should not have worried. Isn't that the way of things? Everyone here had planned for GF and at the first potluck, most everything was marked GF. (five first degree relatives with CD). An entire shamrock cake (Betty Crocker GF) went untouched because someone forgot to mark it GF. It looked so good, but no mark, no eat! (We write on the container, cause notes can get moved).

The muffins I made (green with pistachio pudding) can't be recommended! Yuck! But the millet bread was (as always) a hit.

I ate corned beef and cabbage, stir fry, salads of every type from gelatin to green and a butterfinger brownie carmel torte to die for. (Waiting for the recipe to blog here, KaReen!)

I love people who feed me. GF!


Valen said...

Yay for the recipes being a hit, and that torte looks good! I just found out about the gf betty crocker and chex cereals yesterday, finally!

Terina said...

V, Ha! Cereal is my staple! Breakfast lunch and dinner! It's great to find something easy. Betty Crocker is still a fav even though it costs eight times more for GF.(Another rant for another day.)