Thursday, February 4

NO WAY! GF Bread in 5 minutes?

YES! It's GF!

Today's bread recipe comes from the exciting new bread book Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. They have posted the recipe online! This book is the second in a series and has GF recipes!

Yes, we too, the GF community can have delicious bread prepped in five minutes a day. There is an entire chapter for us, thanks to the participation of GF Girl's Shauna and Danny. (see her site, I found her post on this bread delightful!) She has posted the recipe there too.

I started a batch this morning and I have eaten half of a delicious, crusty first loaf. And I still have three dough balls waiting patiently in my fridge to be baked in loaves or shaped into pizza crust or flattened into crackers some time in the next five to seven days. I'm promised that I could also bake strudel or stollen or Naan with this same dough!

So, it works.

If you want my adaptations of HBin5Min's Gluten-Free Crusty Boule click here. Slather on the butter and enjoy!

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