Friday, February 5

GF Chocolate Muffin Mutts

My sons had the idea that the Marvelous muffins recipe could also be baked substituting chocolate pudding and they made a very convincing argument. "They might be pudding muffins, they must be at least as healthy as poptarts, and fruitloops?"

So they convinced me. I made the muffin mix without spices and then added the wet ingredients the same as the lemon poppyseed. They baked longer, 15-20 minutes.

And I do concede, they are decadent... but they cannot be healthy. Oh well, if we can't have wheat, somehow that fact makes loading up on sugar and fat justifiable.

Do not fill muffin cups more than half full! Or you end up with muffins that are totally non-photogenic! But still tasty.

I told the boys they could take a bag full of muffin for lunch and call them brownie bites. The allerative boys renamed them Muffin Mutts.

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