Saturday, November 5

Review of HB5M's GF Boule Bread

First posted 12-4-09

Five minutes - GF Bread? No way. GF Bread is faster than wheat, but not that fast. And still good? I'm dubious. Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day's new cookbook is great!

Truthfully, I bought the book as a gift for a friend. What GF'r buys a 315 page book on baking conventional wheat-filled bread--even if it promises a chapter on GF bread? But when it arrived yesterday, I was intrigued so I turned right to the 20 pages that were GF and mixed up a batch.

Wow. I'm still dubious about purchasing an entire book for one dinky chapter, but the authors posted the recipe online! And the same batch works for pizza? And for naan, crackers, scones and for sweet breads like stollen and strudels. And wow. It was fast, and easy.
I might have added a touch too much water. When they say use your hands to mix the last bit of flour completely, that would mean thicker than I made it. And it thins out some after the first two hour raise.
I baked it the full 35 minutes at 450 with the water bath below and ontop of a pizza stone and the crust is to die for. Thick and crunchy and delicious must be a result of their recommended baking method of steamed and baked at a high temperature.

Absolutely no complaints! A big + + in the review column.

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