Tuesday, November 8

GF Sweet Rolls

Sweet rolls for the Holidays that are gluten-free?

I tried some new recipes this evening and the guys are fat and happy. I started with my standard whole-grain bread recipe which is a modification of Bette Hagman's bread recipe.

I modified it because the whole grains (while still white looking) will last longer and be tastier than a loaf made with purely starch flours.

I wish I could recall where I watched a video on forming g-f cinnamon rolls by patting out the dough between greased plastic wrap, peeling back the plastic, sprinkling on the filling, and then using the plastic to lift the edge of the dough and turn the dough onto itself. The filled roll was then sliced and placed in muffin tins, risen then baked.

The only problem I could see was that their dough was much too stiff and therefore, wouldn't raise nicely and would be dense and heavy when baked. Yuck. Nothing worse than a cinnamon roll you could roll off the roof.

Now I have a GF Basic Sweet Roll Recipe - Cinnamon, Orange, Hot Cross Buns?

I took my regular bread recipe, mixed it up as usual, but added two extra tablespoons of sugar to the dry ingredients. Then using about half the loaf per batch, I patted it out between the sprayed plastic wrap, sprinkled on cinnamon and sugar and lifting the wrap, rolled the dough over onto itself. I sliced the roll with a butter knife and tipped each sliced blob on end into muffin tins.

(I always use the mini ones, my boys will enter the world not knowing what to do with a monster muffin.)

I let them rise about 50% then baked them for about 15 minutes at 350.

Reality Bite: I've had success using my thermometer to bake g-f breads to an internal temperature of 190-not too gummy, yet not dry.

While hot, I slathered on frosting and it melted and dripped and puddled just like normal cinnamon rolls and they didn't get too sit long before they were gobbled up.

Next day, only needed ten seconds in the microwave to return to absolute warm deliciousness!

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