Thursday, October 1

First, Favorite Recipe

Okay, remember back to your first, favorite GF or CF or staple recipe. The first one that was successful, or the first staple that got you going on your new and exciting GF life. What was it and can you recommend it to a newbie?

I've given it some thought and recall this quick and easy recipe for crackers. If I could snack on a cracker, I was good. When I was given this recipe for crackers that had all recognizable ingredients (except xanthun gum) I was so happy! Rice flour and I had that, or could grind my own!

The recipe was manageable and could easily be made dairy free.
What next? Bread, nope, not yet. Much more urgent was COOKIES! My favorite cookie recipe made with added xanthun gum and sorghum flour. The dough was delicious and the cookie was too.

Success early on kept me persevering.


Deb's Big Hunk said...

Those crackers actually sound really good. What a fabulous blog! My sister has Celiac Sprue. Diagnosed in her late teens. She's not much into blogging (internet challenged), but this may get her into it. :) I saw your blog on one of your Trek emails. Thanks for all you have done.
Richard Huffaker

Terina said...

Thanks! Ah, the days of internet ignorance.