Thursday, October 1

Olive Garden's GF Menu

I usually go there, eat the salad and drool over whatever everyone else orders.

But now, they have a GF pasta on their Garden Fare options menu. Pennine Rigate with Marinara is a hearty marinara sauce made from tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and herbs served over gluten free penne pasta.

Gluten sensitive diners can also try their Steak Toscano (grilled 14 oz. steak served with grilled veggies) or the Herb-Grilled Salmon (salmon filet brushed with herbs and olive oil, served with broccoli and red bell peppers.

Their Mixed Grill, which comes with broccoli and grilled veggies, can be made with skewers of grilled steak and chicken, marinated in Italian herbs and olive oil, or with all chicken.

There is even a children’s GF menu item: Grilled Chicken Breast served with broccoli and grilled veggies.

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Neko said...

i just had the mixed grill on friday. i would recommend it.