Tuesday, April 7

Muffin Makeover

Gluten-free muffin recipe, Whee! The teenager fairly dances up the sidewalk to the front door this dawn morning after his early morning religion class singing, "Almond muffins make me happy, almond muffins make my day, almond muffins are so yummy, almond muffins yippee yay!

He knows how to coerce and entice me to bake, but there has got to be something wonderful about muffins that moves a teenager to philosophize enthusiastically on the merits of muffins at 5:30 a.m.

Today's rendition of the recipe had one less egg and lots more flax. I added lemon and almond extract and dropped the poppy seeds. (Always wary of random drug testing in high school.)

I'm going to try to modify the original recipe


into a single batch and bake it up tomorrow. I'll put it on here if it works. Almond muffins, yay!

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