Thursday, April 2

And you're out!

Two strikes... and it's the bottom of the ninth. #1 The boys ate the quinoa puffs last night, but decided that they were definitely not puffs, but rocks. #2 This morning the wrap bread is flaky and crumbly and dry as a bone.

So, one more strike-three for three and I don't have to cook again, right?

The Latest for the Foul Up File:

From Puffs recipe - Thumbs Down
My vagarious baking could be the problem, so do tell me if you have had success with this one and I'll attempt it again.

Although the quinoa sold in the US is debittered, if I were to cook the grain, I would follow the expert's hints and rinse it first or boil it in lots of water and drain off later, but when I'm using the flour... well, it's flour.

Anyway, Two big fouls that accentuate the bitterness of quinoa are asiago cheese and kalamata olives! Don't add those olives to the quinoa pasta salad and don't cover the puffs with a nice topping of asiago.

See, if I were a real chef, my gut would have recognized a bad pitch, but, all I can do is swing wildly and see if it end up out of the park, or so foul that it ends the play.

In happier news, the applesauce, chocolate chip muffins were a hit, a home run and saved the day!

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