Tuesday, March 31

Blog Blaughs

I'm suffering from GF Blaughs! I'm not a repetitive person, as you can tell from my recipes. I rarely make the same thing twice without minor modifications and if I do, it's nothing to brag about. So maintaining a blog with tried and true recipes has been counter to my being and if it weren't for the writing, I would have trouble staying focused on this project, but I've found that it is good for me.

The real payoffs are the notes--comments and emails from people that remind me of the successes they find while also slogging along the gf pathway. I'm entertained by their encounters on the many interesting and varied side roads. The ultimate destination is health! So thanks for keeping me on track.

This blog challenges me daily to try something new just to see what I can botch in a whole new way!

(P.S. GF Tip for Today: Bette's GF recipe for Carrot Cake that calls for 1 1/2 cups of oil, should not be attempted as is. The green tomatoes are fine, but I remembered too late to substitute half the oil with lowfat yogurt. And, no, baking extra long does in no way alleviate the soggy greasy mass.) I'm sparing you the photograph.


Shane said...

Hi Dia D;
I stumbled upon your blog and am really grateful that you've taken the time to create this . . . thank you.

I'm going through testing to see if I have absorption issues, my GP is sending me to a gastroenterologist AND I've decided to consult Naturopathic doctor as well. We'll see as the proverb goes.

Getting off wheat can't be a bad thing anyway, I suppose in my case will it be an optional or necessary change in my life remains to be seen. Wish me luck.

So thank you again for all the hard work. I haven't tried any recipes other that the breakfast cereal and I absolutely love it. I love in Quebec, Canada and my next dor neighbor produces all natural Maple Syrup (yes, the is a big difference between natural and non-natural syrups) and I add to the syrup; man it's good. Natures own sugar!


Terina said...

Hey Shane, Thanks for the note, in OK we don't have much true maple syrup, but I'm on a search! You've convinced me that I must try it in the granola. I'm with you that "Natural is always best."