Tuesday, April 7

GF/CF Restrictions

Wheat and Milk allergy? Are you cutting out both? Here are some hints and helps, and links.

Watch for GF/CF (gluten-free for wheat protein and Casien Free for dairy) designations. On my site, check out recipes with the GF/CF labels. Google it! You can read about it til your eyeballs fall out.

http://glutenfreeheaven.blogspot.com/ is my friend in Utah, we lived two miles away from each other and didn't find out until I moved to Oklahoma. So healthy, so smart!

Now the sister has to do the GF/CF stuff and she makes fabulous stuff all safe for her kids to eat.

She taught me to use shortning instead of butter, hemp, almond, rice or soy milk instead of pasturized cow milk. It's really not as daunting as it seems at first. As we live, we learn and we learn to love!

Best wishes, leave questions or notes if I can help.

My new GF/CF friend, Megan and I just made the crackers on my site! They are delicious GF/CF made with shortning!!! YUM http://gluten-free-reality.blogspot.com/2008/09/gone-crackers.html (somehow this could be automatic... sure wish I had time to learn how to blog!)

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