Tuesday, August 7

Easy, Fast Thai Lettuce Wraps

Lei hao,  (Cantonese greeting)

Tonight we're setting our sights and tastes to the Orient!  The daughter comes home after 15 months from Hong Kong this Friday and we are so EXCITED! !  

I fear for all of you if you do not like Asian food because the occidental will have returned and she will have me for a training/testing table for the next few weeks while she acclimatizes back to gluten-free in America.

First day we're heading to NAM-hai asian store here in Tulsa, where it looks like the Orient has blown up inside.  For Americans, the sights and smells are all new, but for an Asian I'm sure the ordered aisles will be culture shock.  Can't Wait!!!

First posted 4-15-09

I had some leftover ground beef, rice and spices, threw them together and served it wrapped in lettuce. It's delicious.

It was a couple cups ground beef, about half as much rice, 2 Tbs. of fish sauce and 1/2 cup GF Hoisen sauce and 2 Tbs Asian sauce. Since I didn't have Asian sauce on hand, I drizzled in about 2 tbs. GF soy, a tbs of peanut butter, 1 tsp. garlic and about 1/2 tsp ginger and a dash of hot pepper sauce.

Everybody loved it! The boys because it was ground beef and the Dad because he was hungry. I, because I love quick and easy!
I topped it with tomatoes, but perhaps should have used cucumber spears to stay Asian. YUM!

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