Monday, February 23

Vit D Sunshine

Go ahead and give in to the newest craze in vitamins. D! D is a fat soluable, so we are all so worried about overdosing... but a dietitian (Rene Norman) told me she took an extra 1000 IU's daily supplementation and was still barely in the normal range when she was tested. The America Pediatrics say 400 IU's extra daily for children. THEY MEAN IT!

We can't all be in Cape Cod in the middle of summer at high noon, naked to get 20,000 IU's in 20 minutes, so we take vitamin D.

It helps fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy,and a host of other ills.

Copious and exacting studies on Vitamin D are available. Google and then Just Do It! GET YOUR VitD!

Here, just check it out.

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