Monday, February 23

Reality: The Book Foreword

Why should we write a book?

“I am a frenetic mom who juggles home and hearth with one hand while I fling work, church and family into the mix with the other. A haphazard foodie at best, I’ve been known to spy a licorice jelly bean rolling about the floor of my minivan and think, “fast food!” And I lapped it up! Then I was diagnosed with celiac disease.”   ...Terina

“And I am a frantic collegiate ‘chef,’ who happily headed off to college to juggle cooking and class times, relationships and recipes, sustenance and study--worried about nothing more complex than dorm related food borne illnesses and the occasional difference between a table and a teaspoon. Then I was diagnosed with celiac disease.”   ...Dia

Together, our mom and daughter duo flipped into the GF Reality, never again to land right-side up. Perched together on a tiny patch of stability, we decided to reach out and pass on our tips for steadying the rock and roll of  g-f reality. 

We've compiled our best, and brightest encouragement in hopes that it will succor, and relieve
(and it’s all gluten-free.)

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