Thursday, February 19

Trouble Getting Diagnosed?

My friend's daughter is in the middle of diagnosis to rule out celiac disease. And like most of us, she (the mother) was wondering about some of her own symptoms. She called and spoke to her physician (How does she do that? I mean, get to speak directly to a doctor?) and asked if she should be tested.

Her doctor told her,

( Let your imagination soar!)

(Imagine the worst!)

(Oh I should make you wait for it...)

(It's one I've never heard before...)

(Okay, here it is.)

"Now, you know you can't catch celiac disease from your daughter?"

What do you think? Switch doctors?

P.S. Vanessa Matlin needs your CD diagnosis story see her site:


Stacey said...

That is hilarious yet sad at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, humor is all that keeps me from busting out all over in angry frustration. Thanks for your comment. Terina