Saturday, December 15

Christmas Cookies

Give it up! I really should, but I continue persisting. I don't know what other blog bakers do to get their cookies to turn out, but mine don't!

I tried to make beautiful bakers snickerdoodles and they turned out like puddledoodles that dissolved in crumbs as I scraped them off the pan. I added extra xanthum ( 1 more tsp.) and 1/2 cup more of my 8 flour GF mix to the next batch and finally, they held together enough to get off the pan, but then to eat them, was like sucking sand from the Sahara and try to gag it down.

What do I do wrong? I'm so grateful that cast-iron tastebuds are genetic. The son dipped them in milk and when they dissolved, he spooned out the sludge and slurped it down.

Back to the baking drawingboard.

The daughter called from college and recommended a mix. She says Bobs Red Mill mix for brownies kicks my recipe and that sugar cookies are fabulous even on day two when you bake them with the mix by: __________ (she had a final and couldn't remember the name so until I talk to her later... check back.)

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