Thursday, August 14

Caramel Butterscotch Crumble Torte


A gluten-free foul-up made fantastic! Sometimes in the flurry of baking, we forget an ingredient, skip the salt, or hop right over the baking powder. One thing that cannot be forgotten when gluten-free baking is the xanthun gum. So, wouldn't you know, time and time again, I find myself with crumble muffins.

This time, it was a whole batch of pumpin spice... so I gave in and let the muffins crumble and left them one day to dry out (I was traveling in Utah, where dehydration occurs overnight.) I put them in the bottom of a cake pan, spatula-ed a layer of creamcheese filling over top, a butterscotch pudding/whipcream mixture over that and then topped it with whipcream and a drizzle of carmel icecream topping.

Can I just tell you it was fabulous? How could it go wrong? Fat and sugar is my favorite g-f food!

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