Thursday, August 14

College Bound and Clueless

My eldest was just diagnosed this summer and as usual, I acted true to form, and broke it to her long distance.

I had listened to her litany of foul balls tossed her way on that particularly bad day and I thought, "Well, might as well toss her another curve. I'll bet I can't make it much worse now anyway," and this will knock the others out of the ballpark!

I blurted out, "In Other Bad News, You are a celiac."

Being in the immediate know, she cried and I cried and then I rang off and thought that I would let her get her mind around this miserable news and I'd just let her thoughts foment or ferment until I returned home a week later.

In the ensuing week, I heard that first she announced it to the world, all her friends, neighbors, church group and maybe even the cross transit bus driver. After her initial denial phase had abated, she then jumped to bargaining---- no, instead it was whole hearted research.

I knew she would need a mentor and support... so she found one--a friend who was willing and able to delve in and research--an able bodied shopper who was adept at reading labels and who had a husband who was willing to sample and finish off the rejects and who read and digested my blog with apt thoroughness. (Who weirdly found out six months later her daughter was CD)

"What does it mean when it says celiacs should avoid mono-diglycerides?"

"Where did you read that?"

"On your blog."


I'm thrilled to say that she has advanced to the acceptance stage, with no assistance from me and has adapted to the celiac world.

"Look Mom, blondies. Like brownies, but not. We found them by Namaste and they are sooo good. They are best cold. If you keep them in the freezer and just break off a chunk, then cover it with icecream, chocolate syrup, frozen blueberries... oooooh, it's just so good."

Yup, a perfect celiac who has discovered the universal truth, "Covered with enough topping, any GF food can be made palatable."

She'll be fine at college.

another FYI

Joanne Bradley
GF/CF since 2004
is the author of Gluten Free Success for the College Student
available at
GlutenFreeSuccess. com and GlutenFreeGrains. com

She is looking for help to fill out content on her new blog contact@glutenfreec ollegestudent. com

It's July and school's out... but I would like to enlist your help in creating content for a new website for gluten free college students. While I spent 12 years running college foodservices, the last time I slept in a dorm room was decades ago. So I am asking today for the student's perspective on eating gluten free at college.

The new site will feature:
Student questions and answers about foodservice in a blog form with questions submitted from the website.
Student submitted recipes and recipe sections and information on GF cooking.
Student authored articles on gluten free college living. A parent's question and answer blog about college foodservice
I am asking today for some help in getting the site off the ground in the following areas:

1) Your questions about college foodservice from students or parents.
2) Short articles or stories (500 words or less) about gluten-free campus living to share with others (author's tagline included, no copyrights, no remuneration)
3) Ideas for content from existing college students.

Please reply to
mailto:contact@ glutenfreecolleg estudent. com

Since there is so much interest and concern with students going to college, I felt that a dedicated website would be a great resource to both students and parents. The site will have advertisements to help support the operational costs of the website, but my time and knowledge as editor are free. I am intending to make a difference in creating SOLUTIONS for a special segment of the gluten free community. Thank you for your interest and response.

PS. The site www.GlutenFreeColle geStudent. com is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please do not judge the content or quality by the current condition. I will send out an email when the site is officially launched. Thanks again.

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