Thursday, May 28

G-F Crepes

 Ah, delicious crepes for Sunday breakfast that are so simple.  Couldn't be better.  Use your favorite crepe recipe and just swap out the flour for a g-f alternative.

1 egg
1 cup flour
1 cup milk  (more or less to make a thin batter.)
dash of salt

Stir batter often in between pours in a hot skillet to keep the flour from settling (I used my 10 inch cast iron one that doesn't leave the top of the stove.)

Because crepes are egg-centric, this recipe has no need of added gums to hold them together.  I filled these with jam and served with whip cream and berries.


Funny story:  When you are in Hong Kong and trying to use their induction stove tops, and there is not typically enough weight on the bottom of a crepe skillet to trigger the magnetic interaction and the stove will not turn on and the whole group of people are awaiting breakfast and you come up with the brilliant idea of a heavy pot of water under a skillet... anyway long story short--meaning get to the point?

Making Crepes in America really is easy.

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