Tuesday, February 4

GF Meatballs and Spaghetti Marinara

G-F meatballs product review and recipe for homemade.  I mixed up a new recipe for meatballs and found one already posted. 

Oddly enough, the one I made up is the same as the old one, meat, g-f crumbs and seasonings.  Creepy, I know.

When I'm out of time, I buy them at the Sams Club.  But they are lots less expensive homemade, and every new year I have a spate of bad bread baking and end up inventing bread crumb recipes..  So there you go! I'm frugal in spite of forgetful.

Today, I'm putting them in bbq sauce, so that's different right?
First invented and posted in  2009 - so what? I've slept since then.

It's been a while since I attempted homemade GF meatballs, but the freezer is bursting with bread crumbs (botched GF bread crumbles so nicely), so today is the day I exchange the bursting from crumbs to meatballs. It was easier than I thought.

2 lbs burger meat (beef, turkey, elk, doesn't matter)
1/2 cup sauteed onion with
2 tsp. garlic
2 eggs
2 cups g-f cracker/bread crumbs (whichever you have filling the freezer.)
1 tsp salt (if you used unsalted crumbs)
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

Melange together and form into balls. I fried them in a tablespoon of oil last time, but this time I baked at 350 on a cookie sheet 30 minutes or until lightly browned. Also can be baked 15 minutes, then cooled and frozen in a tight container for up to 6 weeks. Bake a remaining 15 minutes when ready to serve.

Rats! The pantry is not bursting in Spaghetti Sauce, in fact, there is none, so I'm making that too. I promised myself that I would start mixing up my own when I used the end of the case of Hunts. It's time!

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