Sunday, February 3

Shephard's Pie Recipe

Teens learning to cook.  We're there again and the teen is working on his cooking merit badge.  I love those badges--plumbing, home repair, auto maintenance, if this keeps up, I will have all those honey-do's done!  My sister-in-laws family had their teens make dinner one night a week and this was her recipe she fixed every week.  Her family hated it,  her husband loves it.

Open a can of green beans - drain

Open a can of corn - drain

Layer in ground beef

Pour tomato sauce on it.

Spread a layer of mashed potatoes atop.

Put cheese over that and bake at 350 about 30 minutes until bubbly.

Really a great recipe for the favorite casserole.

This is the recipe for the daughter who just got married and whom I am certain will "modify" it to meet the two Occidental's unique tastes.


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