Thursday, September 20

Gluten Free Registry

Am I the only one in the dark?  Did you know about this?

You can go to this link, select your state and you will soon be awash with a flood of companies and restaurants who want your g-f bucks!

The reason I am searching nationwide is because the Asian Girl, recently back from Hong Kong is now getting married!!!!!   As Mother Of The Bride, people keep insisting I will be busy elsewhere, and father of the bride can't take the photographs either.  I'm thinking all the fun of this wedding is rapidly evaporating for both him and me.

The festivities are taking place first in Utah, then tripping to Colorado and Oklahoma for open house receptions -- (flowing receptions is the proper vernacular--I'm told by all and sundry would-be wedding planners).

I need pies for the first date, cake for the second, brownies for the third and cookies for the fourth.

So, rather than bake them all myself wherever I be...

I MUST buy and having this resource has been very helpful.

Reality Bite:  Wish me luck, I'm such a baby at wedding planning, but I'm told that anyone expending 10,000 hours of effort becomes a professional.  I'm well on my way.  

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