Sunday, November 27

SPEEDY GF Chicken Enchiladas

It's the Holidays and there is no time to cook "real" meals. So here is a 5 ingredient, simple recipe that warms up nicely for leftovers.

For the blog stalker who does not have enough time to make stuff from scratch. (Neko, you know who you are.)

Open the 28 oz. can:

Dump half of it into the bottom of your crock pot:

Lay in two/three raw chicken breasts

Pour the rest of the can over the top.

Turn on High,

Leave for 4 hours.


Turn on Low,

Leave for 8 hours.

Open the crock pot, stir the mixture, break or slice apart chicken. Pour in 2 cups sour cream (fat free is fine) Stir mixture.

Make two layers in a 9x13 pan. Start with sauce on the bottom, to keep it from burning.

Then layer in torn up corn tortillas, half the sauce and then some grated monterey jack or cheddar cheese. Do it twice.

Bake at 350 10-20 minutes or until cheese is melted and crusty on the top.

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