Sunday, October 9

GF Cake Recipe

I did it! I did it!!! I DID IT!!!! The best cake you have ever eaten GF! WOW!
(This photo is not it!) You have to wait for the photo and recipe tomorrow when I am not so tired.

Let Them Eat Cake?

I would! If I could!

Since the 50th wedding party, I have been craving a slice of that white sheet cake filled with a layer of raspberry that comes decorated in lovely white fluffy frosting, scored on the cut lines, with a baby rose piped right in the center of the square.

I know, its bad, bad, bad, and totally unhealthy, but still... I want it!

I've never been able to bake one with that lovely, fine texture and the beautiful white color, and while I've been satisfied with my desperate efforts, still... it would be nice to eat a white cake that is not lopsided and dense.

(Hey, after this one, my efforts can only go up, right?)

So today I'm testing recipes... Vegan ones with plain ingredients (should cake be healthy?) Elana's, with fancy ingredients. Three of the recipes seem to have independently used the same gf flour mix, so I'm starting there. Amanda's cake, G-F Girl's recommendation , Karen's, have all inspired me! So, away we go!

Let Me Eat Cake!!!!!

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Terina Dee said...

Kim! This one is for Ryon! He will love, love, love it!