Wednesday, June 3

Yin & Yang Cakes

Yes, that is a blowtorch!
Chocolate and white, light and dark, polite and rude, there is an opposite to everything. I promise myself that for each yin there must be yang and when it all comes to karma-etic balance, my chaotic life must have some wonderful things in store. But meanwhile...

My yin and yang for this week is cake. With the Mom-in-Law here, eating positive, healthy, and incredibly wonderful, it's only fair that the boys are sneaking off to polish off a half gallon of icecream and I am baking cake.

I'm having a church party at my house, Mexican theme'd so I'm baking a GF Tres Leches Cake (Cuatro) and my Double Chocolate Seduction Cake.

That only seems fair and balanced.

The white turned out looking wholly like a toasted mashed marshmellow and tasted gritty, but the chocolate was sinful and delicious as usual.

It's really sad to look at this one and realize as I carry it out to the party that it really should be on I'm only saved from that blogger shame by professing to be an amateur.

The chocolate cake is Bette Hagman's (Praise be her name) old stand by Devils Food and the frosting is a ganache 2 parts chocolate 1 part whip cream. YUM

(I would love to breech copyright and give Bette's recipe as I have been asked, no begged, constantly--but, I can't do it. Sorry! One day I will find it online and link... that's the best I can promise.)

Okay, I found it. Somebody else published it. Do the original recipe unless you are GF/CF too.


Dia D said...

AHHHH! I wish I could leave the same comment on EVERY post with one fell click:

the banana bread, the cakes, the pie... I am so hungry!! Two more weeks, Dia, two more weeks...

Jules said...

It's what's inside that counts .. right? :)