Monday, September 12

ADHD Awesome, Diverse, Huggable, Dynamic Kids

It’s College Guy off to Alaska on his church mission that is the topic of the posts this week. I'm sorting and packing, both socks and memories. I blogged my angst when the first birdy flit the nest and I'm feeling similarly as this one flies off.

Of my three children, number two (Mission-bound Guy - aka College guy) was the toughest of the three to raise. (Knock on wood as we're only three-quarters begun with #3).

I believe it was in part because he wasn't diagnosed with celiac disease until he was fifteen. I think now that some of his challenges could have been ameliorated with diet. (Google ADHD and celiac disease--1.6 million links can't be all wrong?)

So this week, my topic--interspersed between recipes--will caroon through the years of discovery, and the attributes and diagnosis of celiac disease in children.

Reality Bite: Finding comfort in "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven."


Mom with Celiac said...

My son also has ADHD and I was diagnosed with celiac disease in May of 2011. I had all my kids tested to see if they had it but the blood test were negative. Should I have the docs do a biopsy? The more I look into this dz i feel my son might have it. There is so much to learn about this dz. I am still trying to learn what all has gluten and what dont. It is a struggle living with this dz every day. I feel like I am all alone. I do not know any one that has it.

Terina Dee said...

Hi M.W.C. As far as I can tell, two types of manifestation of CD, one brain (direct) one gut (indirect). Kids with ADHD related symptoms may not test in blood or biopsy. Gene tests are better, but diet is the only gold standard as far as I have been able to tell. If the diet promotes a change, go with it.

Good luck Mom--YouKnowBEST!

(My little Type 1 diabetic nephew is still seronegative for CD, but he 'blasts out of this universe' if he gets any wheat in his diet.)