Thursday, November 10

New Crust Recipe

First published 11-10-10
GF pie crusts can be just as delicious as non gf. They are sold now in the freezer section of specialty stores. Whole Foods makes their own brand, but my experience is that it doesn't take much more effort to handmake gf crusts than the old g-filled kind, so I'm making my own. These crusts freeze great, so I'm doing them early.

As I've said before, the only skill set difference required is an inclination to sculpt and all of us are born with innate playdough abilities, suppressed to some degree by life and our own misgivings. It's okay! We too can revisit the inner child and enjoy playing in pie dough! Here's my answer to cherpumple.

Here is the newest recipe I'm experimenting with today!
I followed the recipe directions explicitly, this being the first time I've ever used my kitchenaid for pie dough. The dough in my mixer needed less than 1/2 cup water to form a nice firm kneadable dough. It rolled out between plastic nicely. I placed it into the pans, peeled back the plastic then formed the edges. I baked them about 15 minutes, then I will freeze them to be filled later.

The next batch, I'm freezing in the pie pan, but uncooked. Maybe they will withstand my freezer jostling better. Make Pie!

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