Friday, October 29

Refractory Celiac Disease

What if you are eating GF strict yet still having tummy troubles? You might have refractory cd and if you do, here's a med that you can introduce to your doc.

(Personally, I am checking out colostrum as a food supplement before I resort to drugs, but whatever.)

From: Digestive Health Smart Brief: American College of Gastroenderology

ACG: More Celiac Disease May Be Refractory

Pub. Med's article on this medication:


Mrs. Ed said...

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet has worked for some with refractory Celiacs. Have you also been checked for additional food issues? An ELISA IgG food panel may help. Best of luck!!

Terina Dee said...

Thanks Mrs. Ed! I have heard some about the SCD diet and I don't know if you have a blog, but for others, one I recommend for this is Karen's Heal Balance Live. I also think that adjusting our vitamins, minerals, probiotics and adding colostrum to heal the gut helps!

The hunt for optimum health is neverending isn't it? Can I link to your blog?