Tuesday, May 21

Watermelon Smoothie

First posted in June 2010, but watermelon was on sale this week, so I'm drinking this delicious one again.  This time I blended the watermelon with only lemon and that too was yum!  
I jumped away from the veggie cooler for this week and I'm enjoying a watermelon smoothie. I really believe that you should eat whatever foods are in season--all of it! Eat it until it's gone or until you sicken of it. That's what I think.

So this week it's that ten pound watermelon and it's been delicious! 'Til now, I didn't realize that the other three persons in this family don't really like watermelon. Really?

I think that half of it was rind. (I'll wait to save the rind next year for pickle preserving!)


1 cup ice cubes
3 cups seeded watermelon
1 cup strawberries
1 t. lemon juice
1/8 c. sugar (Sweet berries so I didn't need any sugar)


Sophie said...

A fantastic & lovely smoothy!! I wouldn't use any sugar in this!


Many greetings from a foodie fan from Brussels, Belgium!

Terina said...

Ah, Sophie, Thanks for the input. And this Okie says right back, Howdy!

Dia D said...

Three other people in the family? Are you counting your cat? :)

Terina Dee said...

First posted 2010 missy, when I still had people in the house. And p.s. your father is eating a pound of watermelon as we speak, so there is still hope for reform.