Sunday, May 30

Chocolate Raspberry Bars

While I'm inventing a dessert for the Memorial Day party at the Arkansas cousins, I'm reminded that the refrigerator is full and at the bottom of it languishes the baking mix I made to see if I could invent a "Bisquick" baking mix from Bette Hagman's (Praise be her name) recipe book. So, here we go, trying to use it up.

1 1/2 cup baking mix (I suppose any brand will do)
3/4 cup almond flour
1/2 cup sugar (Oops, I forgot the sugar the first time--yet still good)
4 tbs. butter cut into the flour mix then add in
2 tbs. cream

Press crust into a 23.50 x 33.75 cm... hey, it's also says that it's a 9.25 by 13.25 pan. Let's just say 9x13 inch glass cake pan.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes until crusty and lightly browned.

Pour two cups of triple berry sauce over the crust and bake 15 more minutes. Cool two hours. (Definitely could have used another 2 cups of triple berry sauce)

A ganache frosting poured over the top completed the dessert. In the refrigerator, it was cooled for a minimum of four hours before slicing and serving.



Dia D said...

That looks amazing!

Sophie said...


These bars with chocolate look alike a real treat!