Thursday, April 15

Not a Food Week

It's been a tough week for food. I've been off my game. Monday I burned the muffins, and two batches of asiago crackers, again. Tuesday it took baking three loaves (first one with no eggs, second with no salt) to finally get one that was giftable... but it was delectable. (Prize winner, I promise!)

But, then the receivee was out of town. This morning's muffins were soggy, (who knew that a little piece of foil sitting under the pan in the oven would cause that?)

It's just been a bad week. But, I'm not giving in yet. I'll keep creating until someone yells, "Stop!" and that hasn't happened yet.

There were brief and shiny glimpses of greatness that keep me going. We now have lots of crunchy croutons (yum) and midweek, I made the most delicious crock of Spicy Southwest Pulled Chicken with no effort. Odds gotta even out in the end.

That's my reality.

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