Thursday, April 15

More Asiago Crackers

This weeks challenge was to make the standard crackers nut-free. The recipe is already egg free, and I've already tested it milk free using almond and soy milk. It can be made from shortning to make it butter free too. All ways have been delicious thus far.

So, today is the test for nut free.

Arrggghh! If I could keep the batch from burning (gone one minute to make the college-bound guy (CBG) change his sheets and both pans burned!!!

But the second batch was so delectable that everybody snarfed them up and I just wished they would last longer than one sitting. I should just tell the ravening horde to stop! Moderation! Please!!!

Okay, okay, I'll make more. One pan with sorghum substitution for almond flour and the other batch was made using sorghum as base flour and 1/3 cup more rice flour in place of the almond.

TRUST ME! GF recipes are very flexible with flours, but not with heat. Watch them closely.

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