Tuesday, March 30

Terina's Reality Chapter One--Ending

…gf gladiator

Admit it!  Gluten free is not boring! 

This disease thrusts a person into a place full of discovery and intrigue! 

It really is an opportunity to learn more about good nutrition.  And ducking and dodging the gluten-filled dangers while wielding the whisk of learning can be exciting and exhilarating, provided one doesn’t accidentally skewer oneself.

Image compliments of Kip Atkinson

Quiet and reclusive individuals may be uncomfortable at being forced to the front lines of this disease de’jour.  Having to wage a battle at every restaurant or  becoming the topic of conversation at every dinner party may be awkward.  But you can look forward to being the intrigue at each and every doctor appointment!

Join me, become a GF Gladiator! The battle of celiac disease is just another of life’s challenges to be beaten down, bested and conquered. 

(Picture me wearing a cockeyed colander as a helmet, apron-clad and wielding a turkey platter as shield, in mid thrust with a kitchen whisk, stomping a loaf of Wonder bread.)

Reality Check: And when life beats back, duck and cover!


Valen said...

What a good way to look at it! I need to add more positive thinking like this into my life!

Terina said...

V, Hi, Laughter makes us teachable. At least that's what I'm told. I know I learn a lot when I'm laughing at another of my goofs.