Wednesday, March 31

GF Burnout

Okay people, what does burnout look like! (and I can't find the query key in the dark) ?????? Found it!

I'm up at one a.m. having woken thinking about somebody's gf/cf search for the perfect bread recipe. This is nuts! I email her an idea and still can't shut my brain off.

Is this it?

I feel that finding the easy yet flexible way to make great gf/cf food is so important that I'm consumed... but a really hot fire leads to burnout right?

So, I'm now humming my son's newest favorite song by They Might Be Giants... "The sun is hot, the sun is not, a place you want to be..."

Find it on youtube, I'm going to bed.

Maybe it's not burnout but sunlight I'm sensing? Goodnight!!!!

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