Wednesday, April 24

College Boy Wrap Bread #1

First posted on 4-4-10   Still a most successful wrap bread.  Can be milk free and delicious.

Today College boy attempted wrap bread. He used two flours, and beat all ingredients together, spread it on the pan, let it raise 15 minutes, bakes 15 minutes. Bread for the week!

Or for today at least--depending on how hungry he is. This is one of the mixes I sent to college with the college girl. (Make sure that you remind them to add the yeast separately with the dry ingredients when they do the mixing. The yeast dies when stored due to the salt in the mixes).

College Boy's choice of flour today was my wholegrain 8 flour mix--but I made the same recipe yesterday with plain rice flour--still good.

Then on Easter, we made it using straight up Sorghum flour with the tapioca and sprinkled on asiago before baking. It was, again, delicious.

What a versatile recipe!!

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Dia D said...

Oh happiness: ran out of cider vinegar, so poured a little off my tomato-zuchini-cucumber marinading salad. Then added italian seasonings and voila! PANINI READY FLAT BREAD!!!
Oh, I'm so excited!!!