Wednesday, May 15

Fabulous Flour Table

This is a repost from 6-03-09 and 9-21-11   Happy flour storage!!!!

This table is designed to help you decide which flours combine to make a great flour mix.

Good Luck in your mixes.

EXOTIC GRAINS nutrients of 13,000 foods we eat
TYPE **supergrain
Almond meal
In breads, mixes, desserts, crusts,
High in Proteins,
Almonds ground in food processor or blender. I do it w/ rice flour
Fridge, freezer-tightly sealed, keeps 6 months
Amaranth **
In mixes bread, muffins, bagels, pasta, milk, nut butter, cookies, gravies, sauces, pancakes, flatbreads, doughnuts, dumplings, pasta.
Excellent filler grain,
1-3 grain mix
Bobs Red Mill, Arrowhead Mills, Walton wheat, grind fresh or harvest
Tightly sealed, fridge, freezer, keeps 1 yr.
Arrowroot (starch) $$
West Indian starch
Swap for cornstarch, Arrowhead Mills
Seal tightly on Shelf
Bean, black, pinto, white, garbanzo, fava, romano, $
In mixes, as thickeners, Indian foods, baking breads
High food value, pulses mixed with grains = complete protein
Grind alternating with rice flour, high moisture,, or Asian/India market
Buckwheat **
aka groats (Kasha) 
Pancakes, cakes, baking
Flavorful, grainy, rhubarb relative
Bobs, Arrowhead mills, grocery stores, walton feed, 
Tightly sealed, 6 mo.
Mixes, Can comprise as much as 10-30% mix
Good fiber, protein
Refrigerator, freezer
Thickening- soups, sauces, and mixes
Bland, blending power
Grocery shelf, or asian store.
Shelf, cool dry
Corn flour, meal
Muffins, spoonbreads. tortillas, hot cereal
Grind from popcorn
Shelf, cool dry, years
Green Pea
Soups, thickening
Strong flavor,
Flax **
In everything
Heart, colon healthy
Coffee grind, blender
Fridge, freezer, dark
Millet **
Breads, salads,
Grandma’s favorite
Grind, or steamed whole
Grain– Shelf, cool dry
Flour, freezer/fridge
Nut, hazelnut, pecan, walnut,
Dessert crusts
Flaky, flavorful
Grocery stores - grind in coffee grinder or blender
Fridge, freezer
Quinoa **
flakes, flour, grain
Salads, tabouli, in place of couscous, flakes in place of oatmeal, sprouts 4 hrs.
Exotic, complete protein.
Bobs,, Wikipedia suggests 3 parts quinoa, 3 parts sorghum flour, 2 parts potato starch, and 1 part tapioca starch.
Shelf, dry, 1 year, longer if unground and stored in grain.  
Potato Starch
In mixes, superior thickening,
Good blending power
Bobs, Asian/Indian store 
Potato Flour
Thickener, flavorful,
Moistening power
Bobs, Can grind instant potato flakes
Rice, white, sweet, wild rice Montina, brown
Baking superior, alone and in mixes, soups, salads, performs best when mixed.
Gritty, mild, good base flour in mixes
Grind myself, or Sams, or Asian Store, or,
Brown whole grain rices must be frozen or refrigerated. All others shelved
Wild rice– indefinitely
Sorghum **
Alone in cookies, makes great raw dough, in mixes,
50% swap in flours, good mix w/cornstarch
Grind, or Bobs, best source is in Ruskin Nebraska
Shelf, in grain form 10 years cool, dry - flour refrigerate or freeze.
Mild nutty flavor
Never alone, mixed 30% with other grains
Versatile, I grind, Bobs
Freeze, fridge
Tapioca starch
(cassava root)

Favored GF Flour, in mixes, adds chewyness
Bobs Red Mill, Asian/India market, Walton Feed, 
Exotics, in mixes, soups, thickener, sprouted, salads--chocolate cake!
Tiniest grain in the world, good 30% mix and natural food stores.
Sealed tight, fridge, freezer


Lisa said...

This is a brilliant list! Thanks so much for all your help Terina!

Lisa said...

Brilliant listing and very helpful. Thanks so much Terina!