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Cinquepalmi's Sorghum Cook Book

First posted on June 28, 2008   Sorghum Flour Baking Cookbook

I DID IT! I was cynical about spending about $105.00 to drive 150 miles to this gluten free class but I must say, it was money well spent!

We gorged on teff blueberry waffles, wraps, chocolate cake, sandwich bread, and crackers that were delicious! If I figure it right, it was just about as expensive as eating out at a really good gluten-free restaurant, watching the chef make them and then asking for the recipes. AND THEN GETTING THEM.

You know, I'm a haphazard baker at best, but even when I ripped home and made my version of the cracker recipe, by adding 50% too much butter and then the wrong flour measurement, and then evened it out by adding starches in the wrong increments, EVEN THEN, the crackers were delicious. Light, crunchy, crispy and delicious with no after taste. And the techniques she explains in her book were swift and easy. I will pop crackers off again in the near future with no problem. I can't wait to try her graham crackers.

I can recommend Jennifer Cinquepalmi's book, The Complete Book of Gluten-Free Cooking, available by Aidant Publishers at because as a scratch baker who likes whole grains and quick and easy, I was impressed.

NOPE:  OLD LINK:   Today, I just bought a new copy (loaned out the old one) on Amazon used books for twelve bucks.

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