Monday, February 25

Reality Chapter One--Essay 1

Our Reality
“You have a gastrointestinal-related disease,” the doctor announces and then he might as well go on to say, “And here is your ticket to a foreign country.”

Congratulations, you have won an all-expensive trip to a war-torn place where you won’t know the language and where the tourist food stinks. And to top it off, it's a country where you are almost guaranteed to feel like an outcast from all social culture.  

You like many others have embarked on a G-I journey that to this point, has already been long and arduous and  full of symptomatic detours that have lead your medical professional in a myriad of wrong directions. So, if you have been diagnosed, you could consider yourself one of the lucky ones! Yay for You!!! 

Back at the office, your tour director (the doctor) snaps your file shut as if to say, "Bravo, my work here is done." But then on the way out the door he stops himself, turns and almost as an afterthought, drops the real bomb.

“Oh, and go on a gluten-free diet. We’ll see you back in three months and we’ll test you then to see how that’s working for you.”

So you dash off home with your medical diagnosis in hand and a song in your heart, thrilled by the assurance that it’s not all in your head![1]

“Whew! It’s not a figment, and that means that I’m not a nut! (At least in the gastronomic sense anyway.)”

[1] A common initial diagnosis for sufferers of these issues.

First posted 2-25-2010

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