Sunday, February 12

GF Scones in 5 minutes

I just got the urge to make these again this morning as the snow skiffs the ground outside. Sounds like a delicious beginning to a beautiful morning.

First posted 2-5-10.
It's 7 a.m. and I'm leaving for school, but already this morning I have showered, (A BIG DEAL) baked a batch of chocolate muffin mutts and fried up scones! Yeah, scones! Wow!
Healthy Bread in 5 minutes is yum and FAST for scones.

I grabbed the bowl of dough out of the fridge, scooped off golf ball size dough balls, patted them flat on a skiff of rice flour, let them rest while the oil heated.

Waiting for the oil to heat to the right temperature is a trial for me. It requires more concentration than most things, as oil is viciously unforgiving of neglect. You can burn down the entire kitchen just putting in a load of laundry while making scones. (Hot is best, but not hot enough to spontaneously ignite).
Luckily, I stayed on task and the scones were beautiful. They are very crusty as is the bread made from this mix and could have used some extra sugar in the dough. I powdered (sugar) them and the boys gobbled them.

(I also figured out by the sixth one that putting them in the oil upside down allows for the dough to inflate and leave the centers nice and airy!)

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