Monday, February 13

Valentine Cookies

G-F Valentines YUM!

Lots of yummy food to pick from, I hate to admit that I didn't invent a new one this year. I've done and redone and overdone and I'm perfectly willing to admit that I've g-f'd every Valentine food that I care to. So I'll run some older posts. Everything old is new again!

First Posted 2-13-09
Today I made Valentines for the school party. They are accustomed to us now. "Mrs. Darcey, we thought we would tell you what we are having for treats so you can send something for your son."

And I do and he doesn't care anymore. Four years he has been living the GF (good food) diet--almost half of his life. It's become second nature. I still say, the younger the better. We'll see as the years yawn on.

Recipe Tip for the Reality baker: When you forget the xanthan gum and you have doubled the batch... you just roll some dough out, sprinkle it with a little xanthun gum and knead it in. At least it's less crummy than leaving it out completely.
To remember that I had forgotten, might be my little gift of grace today. This blog would have featured cookie crumb recipes 'til the cows came home.


Lisa said...

These look delicious!

Stacey said...

My husband thinks it helped him being diagnosed at such a young age. Although he says his teenage years were difficult and he would cheat when he wasn't at home. During his teens he was growing too much to notice the symptoms. He is way beyond that stage now and knows he'd pay the price if he cheated.

Terina said...

Stacey, Thanks for your insight! It helps for me to hope for that result with the young one. My older son was diagnosed last year at 15 and he cheats for the same reason--no symptoms. My college-age daughter diagnosed last summer is strict or sick.


Love the new look of the blog, and thanks for the link on the muffins. Happy Valentines Day!