Saturday, February 20

GF-Flour Distributers

"WHERE CAN I BUY THIS STUFF CHEAPER?" was my first cognizant thought, once I finally accepted that I was going to have to race into this g-f thing full throttle.

Where do I find GF grain suppliers? After calling around for days on end, I thought I had finally found a grain supplier here near to me in the Midwest. ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) assured me that they would be more than willing to ship me whole grains--in bulk. "How many train cars would I like?"

I bake a lot, but not that much. I purchase most of my flours in bulk. For storage purposes, I buy many flours in grain form as they keep their nutrients longer. Many whole grains store best in the freezer.

I order most often from Homegrown Harvest when they offer free shipping. (amaranth and quinoa)

I order all my starches, tapioca, potato and corn, from Blue Chip Group in Salt Lake City, Utah when they too have free shipping.

Twice a year Paula Sutton Breads in Oklahoma orders from Walton Wheat in Idaho and that order is minimal shipping. (added $.10) per pound. brown rice, quinoa and amaranth,

I order coconut flour from Tropical Traditions when it is on for buy one-get one free.

Sorghum flour is purchased in 5 gallon grain buckets from a little farm in Ruskin, Nebraska at TwinValley

For rice, almond and corn flour, I purchase my rice and popcorn from Sams Club in 50 lb bags and then store with nitrogen packs or dry ice preservation. I buy almonds there and grind them in my food processor.

When I do this, I average about a buck a pound inluding shipping for my flour needs. Beats the heck outta buying it at a natural food store for triple that.

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