Saturday, February 20

Dia's Reality Chapter One--Essay 6

…scheme called love

Dear CFF,

How’s the dating scene going? I don’t know about you, but I never expected the whole feeling of social isolation. The connection that food provides astonishes me, and it is simply amazing how a food allergy can divide and conquer as quickly as you can say, “I can’t eat that.” No more Friday night pizza, lunch with friends, or dinner-and-a-movie dates. Food has a leveling capacity and a connective camaraderie, and being prevented from sharing the taste experience is somehow akin to social starvation.

I never really considered food part to be part of my identity. The diagnosis of “Celiac Disease, and I can, never again, honestly tell someone my favorite ice cream flavor because now it’s off-limits.

“C.D. and your favorite restaurants are history, as are your favorite snacks, dishes, ethnic foods, and desserts.

“C.D. and suddenly your every thought must center on what you can and cannot eat and how to get more of one and reduce your proximity to the other, instead of what you actually enjoy eating.

Reality Check: And that rush of emotion you felt for that guy who searched the internet and then brought homemade G-F cookies to your dorm? That flood of joy and gratitude is not Love! But it’s almost as good as, so for that effort, I must admit that he totally merits a first date.

Reality Check: Life’s not fair. But we knew that already.

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