Thursday, February 5

Favorite Breads

This evening's loaf: 1/4 cup of flax meal added.
There is no prefab bread mix or frozen loaf that I like as much as bread made from stratch. I am too cheap to try them all, but my newest love is Bette Hagman's Basic Millet Bread Recipe from her Gourmet Bakes Bread book.

The son sliced the bread and took the photo and then asked, "Now, can I eat it?"

The first slice of this morning's loaf was so tasty, I gave it away. (I like to believe that I wasn't being gauche. After all part of a loaf is better than none.)
The loaf mixes up in a regular mixer and a medium loaf bakes nicely in my loaf pan. It is tasty for days and has cheap ingredients millet, tapioca and corn starch. Finally! A loaf left long enough to photograph!

In the past, I have loved's recipe for Sorghum Bread (also formulated by Bette). I love it, but it doesn't freeze (sorghum flour doesn't) well. (There is never enough left to freeze anyway!)

What breads do you love?

Homemade bread hints: Never double raise GF dough--once is enough. GF dough raises half again as much during baking, only raise dough half-way then bake. Watch the timer. It's easy to overbake/and underbake gf doughs.

Do you have hints or preferences? -- Pass them on!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't take long to become a GF elitist! Bette's is the best for me too. I love her bread sticks and wraps. I think it's her use of Tapioca starch that helps tons!!! Dia

Anonymous said...

As a reformed wheatbread baker, I am just getting good at GF. One rise and no kneading for a yeast bread? Weird, but wonderful.

David said...

I'm a recent GF'r and I like that Bette's bread is a one bowl mix and no need for a bread maker. But, I use her middle size loaf recipe for my largest loaf pan and it still bakes double that size when it's baked. Still delicious.

Dia D said...

MOMMMM! Will you please just put the dang millet bread wet recipe on here? Do you even KNOW how many times I've needed that? :D love, a baker-in-a-bad-place