Thursday, February 5

Oklahoma Restaurant Reviews

Okay, I love Mr. Michael Fusco and his restaurant. When I visited, I only had to say I'm eating Gluten Free and I was reassured by the waitstaff that they know what they are doing. Twice I asked them about the gravy... "Are you sure." They are!

Mr. Fusco has been celiac diagnosed for a while, but now is scrupulously practicing. I attended one of his GF cooking classes and it was delicious--and not just the food. His homemade pasta is unmatched!

He is a scratch chef and he knows what is in each and every dish. He is moving more and more into advocacy. It helps to have a big name in the business!

At his restaurant, make certain that when your muffins come they are in a silver server. That denotes to all staff that you are specifically GF and they must take extra caution with contamination.

... MICHAEL FUSCO'S RIVERSIDE GRILL. 9912 Riverside Drive 394-2433

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