Friday, February 12

Celiac Disease and Exhaustion

If I were to google CD and exhaustion I'd get 27,900 hits. That is always how I do my most clinical research, the internet query hit. If I get more than 50 hits then I am totally willing to investigate some connection.

I remember being so tired long after I had the diet under control. At the six month point I was considering an iron shot, gamma shot, or some other drastic thing, (that I am equally certain my ignorant physician would have denied.)

Instead I found my answer in ferrous gluconate-an iron supplement. Five days later, I was up and around like a bear out of hibernation.

From the casual surf, I found patients had the following experience with CD and fatigue: Check out

thyroid issues

It's a very informative read. Keep searching, don't give up and eat better, feel better.

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