Monday, January 18

GF Betty's Pizza Crust

Note: I've adopted GF Betty as my Adopt A GF Blogger this month from Book of Yum's site.

GF Pizza Crust Batting 1.000
I'm always up for another great game of GF Pizza Ball. So here we go to see if this Pizza recipe I found on GF Betty's site is a hit or a foul for me.

I like her idea of pressing out the crust on the stone, then baking the stone and using the paddle to move the stone rather than trying to move the crust onto the stone (I've struck out on that one). I also like the standard idea of baking first before adding the toppings (a hit!). And her photograph looks fabulous (home run!)

So I'm pitch hitting it tonight for the boys, while I'm planning a night out with the traditional new year Hoppin-John, Triple berry cobbler and adult conversation. Here goes!

It is totally delicious! The crust is perfect, bottom is crusty. In the future I will add more salt or italian seasonings into the dough for added flavor. YUM!

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