Friday, January 30

Cast Iron Chicken Chowder

I'm loving my cast iron pot. I use it atop my stove cause the legs fit down into the crevasses of the gas stove top. It sits there on a throne of majesty, cause when it's hot, it's too cumbersome to move, so we all move around it.

Saute a mirepoux of vegetables in olive oil to start, add garlic and basil to taste, chicken broth and veggies and let simmer to perfection. Lastly add the left-over chicken and lima beans (also leftover) and cream (or creamer if you are in the midst of an ice storm), and VOILA, YUM SOUP.

1 onion diced
6 stalks celery diced
1/2 cabbage diced (hey,it boils long enough it morphs to a tasty soup addition,)
3 carrots diced
3 potatoes cubed small
1 tsp dry basil (like I'm gonna have fresh in this ice storm,)
3 bay leaves
a quart of chicken broth (enough to cover veggie by an inch)

Just before serving, add chunked chicken, and whatever else is languishing in the fridge. Then add a pint of cream or a cup of non-dairy creamer. Heat and serve with crusty bread, cast iron cornbread is my choice today. (oops, that means I have to dump the soup... might need another pot...)

YUM. Grateful for a full pantry and for power.

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