Wednesday, December 10

GF 2009 Potluck Ginger Cookies

I modified the original Gingersnap recipe as follows:

I used butter instead of shortning and then added
1 tsp. xanthan gum 'cause I can't make anything without it! (I'm afraid to.)
1 more egg (accidently, assuming it called for two).

But then I got curious! I split the dough in half before I added the flour and I made one half with rice flour and one half with my 8 flour mix. (So that means two bowls, each mix made with different flours) We'll see which is best... can't wait 'til they are out of the oven.

The rice one flattened too much... needs more flour? Next batch... 1/2 cup more of the 8 flour mix. Turned out great. (I would show you, but the son ate them. I specifically said don't eat those failed ones before I take a photograph, but he did. "So they must not have failed too bad," he remarked.)

The 8-flour mix batch turned out delicious! Thanks to the contributor (no name, sorry) at the GF Brunch!

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