Sunday, November 15

Brazilian GF Wasabi Salad

Delicioso GF Barazilian Wasabi Salad

I went to a Brazillian girlfriend's baby shower and saw this fabulous salad. I love foods that stretch my cultural bounds, but now that I'm GF, buffets are a big no! So most buffets, I I wile away the time dissecting the offerings at the buffet, using other bodies as taste testers and imagining what the dishes might taste like if they were certified GF.
That is how I get some social filfillment now, with less gastro disturbance later.

At this party, I spied a salad that looked promising. From the other effusive compliments, I could tell that it was imperative that I try to replicate this one for GF. I couldn't speak the language well enough to understand how much of whatever the chef put in it, but she did understand enough English to agree with me when I made a guess at what was in the salad. THE RECIPE

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